A collaboration between artists from three countries – India, Pakistan and the US, brings to the market a unique album that announces the debut of San Francisco based Indian singer – Devika. Music for this self-titled album has been composed by Shahi (Shehzad Hasan), a music...

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“Rendezvous” with Shehzad Hassan (Shahi)

Date: May 18 , 2007
Publication: The Saturday Post


There’s nothing special about us, we’re just like you.

Born at the beginning of 2007, Faith Records is a fairly young label. We have a fire within us to grow exponentially by giving artists a platform – a one-stop platform to get their voices heard. We are a group of people who love music and want to make releasing albums easy for artists who have a belief in their voices, their talent and their product.

Our distribution allows us to push music into the US, UK and Indian markets and we enjoy digital distribution relationships with major players such as Apple iTunes, Yahoo Music, MSN Music, MySpace Stores and many more. Our aim is to help artists reach their true potential starting from recording, to distribution and marketing.

We aim to change the financials around music, giving artists control over their releases, and enabling them to retain most of the income generated from their music. Why are we doing this? Because it’s not our music; it is the artist's music that sells, so the artists must be paid.

Its that simple. Good things will happen.